Polypropylene Options:
Sheets - Copolymer
Sheets - Homo Polymer
Round Rods
Hex Rods
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Polypropylene Sheets, Film, Rods, Bars and Tubing


  • Polypropylene Sheets

  • Polypropylene Film

  • Polypropylene Hex Rods

  • Polypropylene Round Rods

  • Polypropylene Tubing - Coils

  • Polypropylene Bars - Square and Rectangle

  • Polypropylene Balls - Solid - Hollow

  • Polypropylene 90 Angles

  • FDA Approved

Polypropylene is an economic, non toxic, good chemical resistance, with good impact strength.  FDA approved.  Weldable. Oil Resistant

Polypropylene Sheets   Polypropylene Threaded Rods   Polypropylene U Channels   Polypropylene Hoses   Polypropylene Threaded Rods   Polypropylene Spacers

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